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Get your brand working for everyone

PageNerd lets designers organize their brand and help non-designers make things that look good – without eating up the entire work day

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For Designers

You've just made a breakthrough on a real jerk () of a problem and your creative juices are stirring () when Rob from sales pings you about some business cards he really needs. You begin making them when Julie asks where she can find the brand colors. Now it's 5:15pm and wait... what were you doing again? () PageNerd can help you with that. ()

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Shareable Brand Guidelines

Maintaining a brand guide is essential to keeping everyone on the same page. Just upload your design assets and we'll generate one for you.

Make Reusable Design Templates

PageNerd is perfect for design tasks you repeat over and over again. Do it once and the team can re-use it any time they need it.

Provide Guidance & Mentorship

Get a weekly email sent to your inbox showcasing what people are making. Provide some creative direction and guidance when it’s needed.

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For Non-Designers

So it’s 4:38pm () at the end of a long day, () and you’ve just finished presenting your new () ad strategy when all of a sudden () your boss () reminds you she needs to see () banner designs for that event next week before 6pm () and your designer is swamped for the next 3 days (). PageNerd can help you with that ().

A Fast, Simple Graphics Editor

Our graphics editor helps you to create beautiful marketing designs easily. Now you can move fast without troubling your designer.

Design Assets in One Place

Now everyone conveniently has access to them. That 15 minutes you usually spend rooting through Dropbox? Grab yourself a coffee.

Get Quick Feedback

Easily share what you’re making and get feedback, perfect for keeping a busy designer in the loop without eating up all their time.

Brand Guidelines

The easiest way to share your brand and get everyone on the same page

It's much easier to keep a consistent brand when everyone can access it - a shareable, brand guideline does just that. Setting one up is easy. All you need is your logo.

What can you design in PageNerd?

PageNerd's editor is easy-to-use. Use our templates (customize it with your brand in seconds), make your own, or ask your designer. PageNerd is smart enough to know the technical stuff so you don't have to.

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